For many years I have enjoyed the BBC TV series, Dr Who.  Recently I discovered an old copy of the Harlequin Game "Invasion Earth".  Although it is no longer produced by Harlequin it is sometimes available from Blacktree Design so I took its ideas and ideas from others and converted them to suit my own skirmish rules. 

All due credit is given to the BBC, the writers, the actors and to the South East London Wargames Club

for inspiration to start wargames in this "period" to .

WHY Dr Who?

The adventures of the time travelling doctor are worth the odd game in themselves.  However, a big attraction for me was the opportunity it gave me to use all sorts of figures from dinosaurs to sci-fi in games.  Sometimes simultaneously.

The figures made by Harlequin come up every so often on e-bay and Blacktree designs have some left.  Also some of the Future Wars figures by Mark Copplestone, scientists and others from Pulp Figures and the Foundry Street Violence types can be used as can a whole range of figures from almost every manufacturer.  You can even get some scenery from Ainsty

The scope to link them together is only limited by your imagination.

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A New Menace - THE SPUGS

The Colonial Skirmish Rules are here.

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