Infernal War Machines

Extending the Victorian period's science into the realms of H G Wells and Jules Verne brings the possibility of having Infernal War Machines, Aerial conveyances and Terror Weapons.  In line with the Victorian technology such machines would be few and far between, never quite enough to be significant at a world domination level.  They would be fairly large, slow by modern standards and very expensive.  Hence only a few, probably, one or two would be found in any game.

The rules are home brew.  That is they were made to fit the models we had made:

Some of my Magnificent Machineries - Click here

The Major General's land ships were the original inspiration - Click here

Then Scheltrum Miniatures made some in resin and metal - Click here

Then Eureka Miniatures made even more useful stuff - Click here Then choose "Eureka" then "Pax Limpopo".

Rules for Infernal War Machines.

Play sheets for Landships.

Aerial Conveyances.

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