All the cattle in the world belong to the Gaasai!

Gizaku’s raid

The raid scenario was converted from the “The Kine are Mine” and translated to Darkest Africa, Morvalistan, in fact.  The main tribes involved are the Gaasai (no prizes for guessing who they are based upon) and the Wa’Kombolo, a tribe of farmers and herders.

Interestingly, there are are no firearms in this scenario nor any white men.  The Wa'Kombolo have archers and the Gaasai no distance weapons except throwing spears. 

The two tribes have entirely different styles of fighting.  The Gaasai want to close to hand-to-hand action where their superior weapons will tell.  When a combat is drawn both players dice (d10) 1-3 spear breaks.  A Gaasai with sword will drop it. 

The Wa'Kombolo on the other hand have archers and spearmen.  Not a single man has a sword or dagger.  Once they have shot their arrows and thrown their spears they are effectively unarmed.

The Gaasai

The Gaasai are all armed with 2 throwing spears, one stabbing spear, a sword, a dagger and a knobkerry.  The Female Warriors are the exception, they carry 4 light throwing spears and a dagger.

The Elite of the Gaasai are the Simbasai, these are a select few who have been able to train war lions and control them in battle. 

The young women fight in a most distracting way as witnessed by Professor Canardlie-Beherd -

 “When they go to war a band of young girls sometimes accompanies the force.  Each carries several light spears. They most immodestly dressed and their antics on the battlefield quite distracting.  They dash about in front of the foe shrieking quite immoral taunts and hurling their spears to disrupt and mesmerise them. 

Thus male opponents shooting at them suffer –1 to hit penalty and their wound profile is increased by 1 (see play sheet).

For the Gaasai to gain a victory Gizaku must have 5 cows, each surviving warrior 1 cow and one cow to share between the families of each two warriors killed.  The Gaasai are not interested in really gold, or any metal other than iron. 

The Gaasai raiders




Master Herder


Can herd 8 cattle

Trumpeter Bulzorn Sends messages 24 inches



2 spells


1 senior and 6 elite warriors

2 war lions

Veteran Warriors

2 senior and 12 veteran warriors


Young Warriors

2 senior and 20 average warriors

1 senior and 4+d6 are detached as rearguard.  Arrive d6 turns after Gaasai enter table.

Female Warriors

1 senior and 6 average warriors


Youths (herders)

4 boys.

Can herd 4 cattle

 The Wa’Kombolo

 The Wa’Kombolo are a relatively peaceful farming and herding tribe.  Their warriors do not use swords or daggers because iron is in very short supply.  They must retain their herds intact (-1 Victory Point for each lost) and gain (+1 VP) for each dead Gaasai.  Every two Gaasai swords taken count as 1 Victory Point. 

First Village



Village Elder




1+ D3 veterans

Shield, spear and throwing spear.


D3 average

Bow and 6 arrows


1 + D6 average

2 spears


Elder’s 2 wives and 2 others



2 boys





Hunters 4 archers hidden anywhere before the game starts

Main Village










Kip Dariddum



3+ D6 veterans

Shield, spear and throwing spear.


D3 average

Bow and 6 arrows


3 + D6 average

2 spears


Prince’s 3 wives and 2 others



3 boys




8 of these are white “Royal” cattle

 The Wa’Kombolo are reinforced starting D6 turns after the warning drum is heard.  At the stone nearest the Gaasai entry point a total of 1 senior warrior and 10 men may muster.  After the warning is heard (beating for one complete turn) roll a D6 each turn for the type of men – 1-4 spearmen, 5 archers, 6 warriors, then roll a d3 for how many.  The first warrior to arrive is the senior warrior.  The senior warrior may move off at any time and the muster continues until all 11 men are on table.  No matter what is rolled on the last die roll no more than 11 men may muster.

 At the stone by the river a total of 18 men may muster.  The same conditions as above apply except that the muster cannot exceed 18.

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