The Case of the Missing Fan Dancer

Sherlock Holmes & Citizen’s Concerns party, Player ‘A

You are at breakfast in your lodgings in Baker Street on Saturday 21st March 1891.when a Chinaman delivers a letter for you.  Dr Watson asks him whom it is from but the man understands little English. He just says “Velly important! Velly urgent please! Pay much cash please! I Wait for yes no?”

 “You should not get involved in another case just now Holmes.” Commented Dr Watson. “That Ernest Steadyman is coming here at eleven to talk about Moriarty’s spreading influence in the East End!”

 “He may be mistaken, Moriarty usually covers his tracks very well. There is no reason as yet to assume the two matters will interfere with one another. I shall first read this missive which I think will be from Madam Hsing Song. It may be urgent, perhaps the local police are harassing her over something, possibly another wrongful arrest?” He then opened the letter

Honourable Expert Detective,

I have urgent need of your services to solve a mystery here at The Lily-White Laundry. Our dancer Fan Flu has disappeared and I believe she has been abducted. Our people think she has been taken by Matiken Demons since a piece of silk bearing their cryptogram was left. My brother is very angry and I fear this  may lead to unnecessary violence. We did not think it was one of the Rival Lou or Kerli Tongs, but it is a possibility. My brother thinks that she has been taken by an English white-slaving gang and has had his dagger men making enquiries roundabout here. Fan Flu is a respectable Manchu Chinese, connected to the Hsing by her grandmother’s marriage. Her theft is an affront to our family honour that must be avenged. Which is why my brother Hsing Shrill is becoming so deranged. I fear he may be so unpleasant to the locals that our continued presence in St. Radegunds will become impossible. I will pay whatever fees you think proper if you will kindly solve this case.   

                                                                                Your admiring friend Hsing Song

After a moment or two’s thought you said “It does indicate a case of some urgency. In fact unless solved it may destroy the best source of Mandarin quality Opium!” He then read it out to Watson.

  “Well Watson what do you think?”

 “I think that it is a case that should be dealt with by the police!”

 “Oh the Chinese have even less faith in the police than I have in such matters. She would not dream of reporting anything to them! She does not say when the dancer disappeared but presumably there has been enough time for a ransom demand to have arrived? I must ask her and see the site of the disappearance. Yes Watson I have decided that we shall take up this case. Console yourself with the thought that Madam Hsing pays very well!”  

   At eleven o’clock sharp Mr Earnest Steadyman Chairman of the Whitechapel Citizen’s Concerns arrived.

After the usual preliminaries commenting on the weather and their respective health’s Mr Steadyman introduced the topic for which he had called. “I have mentioned your suspicions about Professor Moriarty to my fellow chairmen in East London. They say that they have never heard of him by name. They are complaining of an increase in general thuggery and lawlessness. Two of them reported that their informants had heard the phrase ‘The Prof wouldn’t like it’, when overhearing talk of impending criminal actions. This would seem to indicate that a Professor is very high up in the criminal fraternity. Nothing to confirm that it is Moriarty though.”

 “Oh I have no doubts on that head!” you said. “And has crime increased in your Whitechapel?”

 “Yes. There have been more burglaries and muggings and the number of harlots seems to have increased. The terror of Jack the Ripper has receded and the docker’s high pay wealth creation has boosted custom. Their activities result in late night street fights and irate complaints from respectable women like Edna Gimlet and those solicited by mistake. Although the half-crown forger has never been caught, it seems that his coins are now passed further afield.”

 “Oh. That does seem to indicate a better overall organisation! Yes that could indicate Moriarty’s involvement. Watson and I intend to investigate an abduction case in St Radegund’s tonight. This may involve searching local premises so we will keep our eyes open for any of your problems.”

 “I am leading a patrol out tonight so we can as well do St. Radegund’s with you. In fact it will be best for you if we do, as it has grown very dangerous around there. We normally start patrols around eleven in the evening as most honest folk are gone to bed by then. How does that suit you?”

 “I had thought earlier but Watson and I will meet you in Bogey Lane outside the laundry at eleven o’clock.                 



You will start in the Lily-white Laundry in Bogey around half past ten o’clock. You expect to meet Earnest Steadyman and his patrol at eleven. Your route will depend on any clues picked up from Madam Hsing and her staff in the laundry.  It is dark with overcast skies, sighting visibility is down to ten inches with recognition at five. This increases to sixteen and recognition at eight inches near the lit gas street lamps.

To conceal identities & strengths in the dark players will move flags until meeting.


Sherlock Holmes Activist, LEA, Mo 6”, Fa 2/3/5, Ag +2, Th +1, Me +2, Magnifying Glass Bst –3. Class VI, PI Respectable, Charm M0, F+1, Coercion +1. MC £7 – 19s – 9d

Police whistle 24”, Penknife, watch, Bullseye lamp 

Dr Watson Activist, Vle, Mo 5.5”, Fa 2/3/5, Ag +1, Th +1, Me +1, revolver Bst –2.

Firing 3” 4+ Pst 0, 6” 5+ Pst 0, 11” 6+ Pst 0, 18” 7+ Pst –2, Doctors Bag 1st Aid

Class VI, PI Respectable, Charm M+1 F+2, Coercion 0. MC £4 – 11s – 4d, Watch

Earnest Steadyman Vle, Activist, Mo 5.5”, Fa 2/3/5, Ag +1, Th +1, Me +1, revolver Bst –2. Firing 3” 4+ Pst 0, 6” 5+ Pst 0, 11” 6+ Pst 0, 18” 7+ Pst -2

Class VI, PI Respectable, Charm M+1 F+1, Coercion 0. MC £7 – 19s – 9d

Police whistle 24”. Watch penknife, Bullseye lamp.

Timothy Swagger Activist, Vle, Mo 6”, Fa 2/3/5, Ag +2, Th +2, Me +2 stick Bst -2

Class VI, PI Respectable, Charm M+1 F+2, Coercion +1. MC £7 – 19s – 9d. Watch.

Butler Reginald W Assistant, Mo 5.5”, Fa 2/2/3, Ag +1, Th +1, Me +1 fists Bst-3

2 pepper sachets R 2” D10 -2 rounds blinded sneezing Mo & Me –2.matches

Class IV PI Respectable, Charm M –1, F 0, Coercion +1 MC £1 – 3s – 2d

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