The Strange Case of the Red Painted Woman

Radegund Chance Cards









Use playing cards with C = Clubs, D = Diamonds,  S = Spades & H = Hearts.

A card is drawn whenever a party crosses an orange line on the Umpires Plan.

The stars relate to the movements of the black van.


AC. A woman appears!                                                     2C. A man appears!

Miss Verity Eegre                                                          Mr Gabriel Read

Card Clairvoyant of the OVS                                           Private Detective

Activist, Mo 5”, Fa 1/2/3, Ag –1,                                      Member of Diogenes Club

Th –1, Me –2, handbag Bst –3,                                        Activist, Mo 5.5” Fa 2/3/5, Ag +2

Class VI, (V) PI Respectable,                                            Derenger Bst –3,  2 rounds

Ch M +2, F +1, Co 0                                                           3” 4+ st 0, 6” 5+, st –1, 11” 6+ st –2

                                                                                                Class VI, PI Dubious

                                                                                                Ch M & F 0, Co +2


3C. A man appears!                                                           4C. A man appears!

Off duty PC Sedge                                                              Mr James Handle

WA, Mo 6”, Fa 2/3/3 Ag +1, Th 0,                                   A Clerk in the Citizens Concerns

Me +1 Fists Bst –3                                                               WA, Mo 6”, Fa 2/2/2 Ag 0 Th 0

Class IV, PI Respectable,                                                   Me 0 Cosh Bst -2

Ch M-1 F 0, Coercion +1                                                   Class IV, PI Respectable

                                                                                                Ch M & F 0, Coercion 0


5C. A dog appears! *                                                    6C. A dog appears!  *

A small yapping dog attaches                                           Mastiff Growls threateningly

itself to one of the party. Wants                                       Fright Value 1 test ADT

to play jumping up –1 to moves                                      Mo 7” Me –1 Pst -2

& melee. Will run off yelping if

hit diff  0+. 


7C. A weeping woman appears!                                     8C. Two Harlots appear!

“Oh what shall I do Sirs? Mr Flint                                    “Looking for a diverting time Sirs?

has thrown me out for I cannot pay                                                We have discreet nests nearby.”

his high rents! Now Grim Tim is                                        G. Tim’s Belle & Bonnie Fleet

chasing me! Oh what shall I do kind                               based in Graveyard 9d per visit!

Sirs? Pray help me?” £0 –0s -0d                                       Mo 4.5”, Fa 1/3/3, Ag 0, Th –1,

CD  3- will steal wallet & escape                                       Me –2 bare hands 0 Bst –3

4+ will be caught trying to rob.                                          Class II (I) Un Charm M –2 F -2

By Mo 4.0”, Fa 1/2/2, Ag -2, Th –1,                                Inactives –1.

Me –2, bare hands Bst –3                                                  £0 – 1 – 6d & £ 0 – 2 – 3d

Class II (I) Un, Charm M+2, F 0 

Inactive 0


9C. A bearded man appears!                                           10C. Woman appears with a pram!

Just Growls & tries to pass!                                                “Gangway woman on a mission!”

Sexton Grim Tim Fowler en-                                             “They call me Silly Susan but I am

route to take earnings from                                               not silly at all! John Smith pays me                

Belle & Bonnie & clear Ch. Yard.                                    to fetch for him, so gangway!”

Ac, Mo 6”, Fa 3/4/4, Ag +1, Th +1                                   Doll in pram. To collect forged 

Me +2, stick Bst –2 Class III                                             coins from Slater.

PI Un, Charm M –1, F –1,                                                 WA Mo 5”, Fa 2/2/4, Ag -2, Th –1,

Coercion +3                                                                          Me –2, B hands Bst -3Class VI (V)

 PI Du, Charm M -1, F -2



JC. Your lead figure has just trod *                              QC. Your lead figure has just trod *

in very smelly dog dirt!                                                    in smelly vomit!

4 rounds taken to remove it.                                             Fright Value 0

                                                                                                4 rounds to remove it.


KC. See the body of a woman!                                        AD. Party has lost weapon or other *

Fright Value +1 test ADT                                                   important item, dice for which!

Face down is Bunty Fleet drunk.

An off duty Grim Tim harlot                                            

In –2 Mo 3”, Fa 1/1/1, Ag -1, Th –3,

Me –3 bottle Gin Bst –2

lass II (I) Un Charm M +2 F –2

£0 – 0- 5d


2D. SNARL! One of party has trod *                            3D. Body of a woman 6”to the side!

on a cat which shots away.                                               Fright Value 0 test ADT

Fright Value 0 test ADT.                                                     In fact within 2” it turns to be rags

& other discarded rubbish!


4D. See pack of Five Rats looking! *                             5D. An Owl screeches nearby! *

Fright Value +1 Test ADT                                                  Fright Value 0 test ADT

Will run away if approached.


6D. A coin on the ground 2” away! *                            7D. A coin on the ground 2” away! *

It is a golden sovereign!                                                      It is a penny!


8D. A man appears!                                                           9D. A floating apparition appears!

Well to do looking                                                               A bat like man with outstretched

“Have you seen any night ladies                                      arms like wings staring eyes.

around here? Friendly ones?”                                           Fright Value 2, test ADT

Mr ‘Brown’ By Mo 5”, Fa 1/2/2,                         Is a paper mache dummy on

Ag -1, Th 0, Me 0 stick Bst –2                       a pole. Two Knowe youth’s

Class VI, PI Re, Charm +1                             will run away after shown

MC £2 – 8s – 4d. Watch.                                In, Mo 6”, Fa 1/2/2, Ag +2, Th +1,

Me –1, bare hands –3

Class I PI Du, Charm M0, F +1.


10D.  Bad Luck! –2 to the party’s                                  JD.  Good Luck! +2 to the party’s

next Dice roll!                                                                     Next dice roll.


QD. Very dead dog lying & smelling! *                       KD. Oop’s, party member slips in

Fright Value 0, test ADT                                                     some vomit! D6 + Bst -3


AS. The thud of hooves and then                                    2S.  Body of a woman is seen!                                        

A Great horse rears up in front!                                    Fright Value 1 test ADT

A nightmare?                                                                      Scarlet White decoy robber

Fright Value 3, test ADT                                                     In Mo 5.5”, Fa 2/2/2 Ag +1

It will then turn about and gallop                                     Me –2 b. hands Bst -3 £0 –0-0d

off  at 10” rate away.                                                         Brother threatens with axe

                                                                                                Fright Value 3 test ADT

                                                                                                Mo 6” Fa 2/3/3 Ag +2

                                                                                                Me +2 axe Bst –1 Pst +1

                                                                                                Demands 10s for sister!     

                                                                                                Coercion +3         


3S. 3 Stone throwing boys!                                               4S. A coin on the ground! *                             

Fright Value 1, test ADT                                                     It is an 1882 half crown!

3 Pebbles thrown 6” 5+ Bst –3                                          A forgery!

boys will then run away. If caught

hired to stone Flints Flat by ‘Mr


In Mo 5.5”, Fa 1/2/2 Ag +1

Me –1 b. hands –3 £0 – 0 – 6d


5S.  PC Legget on beat 4” moves                                    6S. A man approaches reeling!

WA –1, Mo 6”, Fa 2/5/7 Ag –1, Th 0,                             Ceaursyu Romanian robber

Me +1 truncheon Bst –1                                                    fake drunk will pick pocket or try

MC £0 – 5s – 9d, Police whistle 24”                                to stun offering drink! PP D6 4+

                                                                                                “Have a drink with me?!”

                                                                                                By 0, Mo 6”, Fa 2/2/3 Ag +1, Th 0

                                                                                                Me +1 bottle Bst –2 Class III Un

                                                                                                Charm –2, Coercion +1 £0 - 2s - 1d


7S.  Man carrying a sack appears!                                8S.  Two Harlots appear!

Heading to Slaters he tries to head                                   “Looking for a diverting time Sirs?

Past party, mind his own business!                                  We have a discreet nest nearby.”

Frank Ogget labourer hired to take                                  Pelette’s Portia & Dulcie

Sack of 10 tin ingots to Slaters.                                        above Rene Cafe 12d per visit!

WA Mo 5.5” Fa 2/3/3, Ag 0, Th 0                                    Mo 4.5”, Fa 1/3/3, Ag 0, Th –1,

Me +1 sack Bst 0 Class II Un                                           Me –2 bare hands 0 Bst –3

Charm –1, Coercion +1, £ 0- 2 – 0d                                                Class II (I) Un Charm M –2 F -2

(Man in the Marquess of Granby                                     Inactives –1.

Seedy Public House in High St.                                         £0 – 17 – 9d & £ 0 – 2 – 4d


9S. Two figures appear, men?                                        10S. Woman carrying item comes!

They wear 18th century costumes!                                   Carrying a now crying baby!

Are they ghosts? They are glowing!                                 “Please kind sirs can you spare some

Fright Value 1 test ADT                                                      loose change so I can buy some milk

They are two F. School boys                                             for my baby?” Miss Dawn Hill.

Will run away after appearing                                          In Mo 4”, Fa 2/2/2, Ag –2, Th -3

By, Mo 5.5”, Fa 2/2/2, Ag +1, Th +1                               Me –3, bare hand Bst –3, Class II (I)

Me 0, bare hands Bst –3, Class IV                                   Du £0 – 0 – 5d

 Du £ 0- 17s – 2d                                                                 Real beggar


JS. Woman carrying item comes!                                 QS. Running Girl!

Carrying a basket of clothes.                                            Tries to dodge past on the way to

Tries to slip past going to Pawnshop                                Grolzman’s pawnshop. Will

Has clothes stolen from washing                                      scream if impeded!

Lines she wants to sell!                                                       Fright Value 0 ADT test

Mabel Osprey In, Mo 4.5”, Fa 2/2/2,                              Lizzie Brewster daughter of Bill,

Ag –2, Th 0, Me –1, B. hands Bst –3                               a known burglar! £0 – 0s – 0d

Class II (I) Du Charm F –1, M 0                                      In, Mo 5”(10”) Fa 1/2/2, Ag 0,  

Coercion –2, £ 0 – 0 – 0d                                                   Th –1, Me –3, B. hands –3

                                                                                                Class I Du Charm F0 M +1

                                                                                                Watch, 2 rings & necklace! 







KS. Man approaches reeling drunk!                             AH. A tall man approaches!

“Orfisher one of them tarts has                                        Will try to avoid party.

stole my money! Arrest her! At                                         Jolly Jack Pallette on way to take

 least she left me my bottle but its                                    cut from Portia & Dulcie!

nearly empty! Where am I? Take me                             Ac, Mo 6”, Fa 3/3/3, Ag +2, Th 0

home. Tis your duty to take me home!”                         Me +2, knuckle duster Bst -2

Jed Shallow known drunk!                                                                Class IV Un Charm M -1, F +2

In, Mo 3.5”, Fa 1/2/2, Ag –2, Th -2                                 Coercion +2, £ 0, 9s – 3d

Me -2, bottle Bst –2, Class V Du                                      Suspected Pimp!

Charm M –2, F –2, Coercion –1

£0 –0s – 0d.


2H. A man approaches growling!                                  3H. Running cloaked man comes!

“Who’re you looking at! You shan’t                               Snatch thief, will attack lone soul.

look at me like that and  escape!”                                   Nat Grubb on way to Pawnshop.

Charges to attack party’s nearest man!                          By, Mo 6”, Fa 3/3/3, Ag =2,Th +1

Dulcie’s labourer brother Lennie.                                     Me +2, Fists Bst –3, Class II Un

By Mo 6”, Fa 3/4/4, Ag +1, Th +1,                                  Charm M 0, F 0, Coercion +2

Me +3, Fists Bst –3, Class III PI Un                 Stolen 3 watches & 2 rings to pawn!

Charm M –1, F –1, Coercion +3                                       £0 – 0 – 3d

Drunk enough to want to knock                                       Suspected thief.

Someone down!


4H. A man appears!                                                           5H. A Scream is heard in the fog! 

Well to do looking gentleman                                           Fright Value 0 ADT test

“Could you direct me towards                                          .

Whitechapel High Street for I am

Thoroughly lost?”                                               

Mr Brummel By Mo 5”, Fa 2/2/2,                      

Ag 0, Th 0, Me +1 stick Bst –2                     

Class VI, PI Re, Charm +1                            

MC £6 – 4s – 0d. Watch.                               


6H The clop of hooves is heard!

Party halts for half a move but the

Hoof noise then gets fainter. The

Rider or lone horse is going away

From you.


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