The Mystery at PARADYs HALL


It starts as a moonlit night but there are occasional clouds. There is a light Westerly breeze 3”.

In the Moonlight sighting is 20” with possible recognition within 8”

In the dark sighting is 10” with possible recognition within 5”    

Parties to indicate whether they have a lit lamp, putting a yellow disc under the figure carrying it. 

Dark Movement As normal on paved surfaces but D10 if running 0 trip Bst –3

Cross Country –1” running –2” but D10 1-trip Bst –2

Crops (BCC) –2” running –4” but D10 3- trip Bst -2


On the plan all the tree groves are marked. Each has one shot firing trap. Any entering D6 2+ OK, 1 gunshot sound triggered once only.


  1. Track, entry point for A1 party on D6 4+
  2. Track, entry point for A2 party on D6 4+
  3. Bushes & log beside track
  4. Treed knoll of hillock
  5. Dell with fresh grave of poacher Tom Wessle from Lye Green
  6. Bushes & grove of trees
  7. Cattle grid. Planks stacked beside hall
  8. Cattle grid. Planks stacked beside hall
  9. Old Well
  10. Stump knoll
  11. Walnut tree grove
  12. Ruined Chapel with brass of Lady Alicia on the lid of the family crypt

Edna Atkins is here waiting for Guilio Paletti for a tryst.

  1. Treed hillock
  2. Feed trough for cattle
  3. Jungle like overgrown Vegetable Garden. Evidence of some being taken.
  4. Treed knoll
  5. Bushes
  6. Cattle Grid planks behind wall
  7. Bushes
  8. Knoll with white horse of Kent statue
  9. Fallen Sarsen stone  Ghost of Samuel Dugdale FV 3 will appear within 4” of anyone bearing a cross or holy water. ‘Please help me? I was cursed by a gypsy and have lain under the stone for over a century without Christian burial. It fell on me when we were digging them out to make into stone lintels and the others just left me! If you cannot get me a Christian burial at least give me an exorcism?”
  10. Bushes with the Dugdale Tump hide in it. In it is Ernesto Galleti who fires two shots on seeing a group of figures coming through the gateway. Player D!
  11. Cattle grid between the two large dog statues.{Actually Egyptian statues of the jackal god Daumatef.}Planks behind wall to the side. Entry point for B party.
  12. Bushes
  13. Bushes
  14. Treed knoll
  15. Cattle grid & grotesque statue. Planks behind hedge   
  16. Ruined building
  17. New Well
  18. Servants wing of the Hall with door to kitchen
  19. Main part with doors front & back into the great hall
  20. Library wing with side door.
  21. Statues Garden with lawns & weeping willow
  22. Flower garden, bare at present.
  23. Masked exit from Statue Garden
  24. Bushes
  25. Grove of Trees
  26. Dead trees
  27. Apple tree with ripe apples
  28. Bushes on knoll
  29. LIT lamppost & empty dog kennel either side of gate. Mounting block on far side.
  30. Kitchen with office above it. Base for Fratelli Per Anarchico.
  31. Coach house with one cart
  32. Water trough & pump
  33. Stables 2 horses. Above are the sleeping quarters for the FpA. Luigi Nascondi asleep in one bunk other empty.
  34. Treed knoll
  35. Bushes & grove of trees
  36. Bushes on hillock
  37. Bushes on knoll.
  38. Paddock







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