The PARADYs lady

 Butler Daffyd Owens

You are Daffyd Owens Butler and trusted henchman of the arch criminal Professor James Moriarty. You were footman and then Butler of Cricceagh Castle in Wales. You took as much advantage as possible of your old master Sir Henry Jones. Nearly three years ago Mrs Cressida Bermondsey came to the castle and you realised that she was ‘casing the joint’ for an intended burglary! Naturally you demanded a share in the scheme and accepted a twenty-five pound bribe to keep quiet. Your wife Gwen the Housekeeper knew something of this and of your other swindles. She was happy enough until you got too involved with Amy Hughes the new maid. Then she threatened to tell Sir Henry about your rackets! You lost your temper and hit her so hard with the silver salver that she died! Grabbing whatever valuables you could lay hands on including the salver, you fled to your cousin’s flat in Swansea. He was a coastal sailor frequently involved with nefarious activities and when the police hue cry seemed to be getting close, sent you to London with two men wanted for burglary. There you came to the notice of Professor Moriarty’s organisation and Mrs Bermondsey came offering this butlering post. She made it plain that the professor would tolerate no nonsense from you but the pay would be good, if you would give him total obedience. This Paradys Hall is a half-forgotten mansion in the wild woodlands of the Weald. It is Professor Moriarty’s secret lair which is an ideal place to live for a murderer on the run. As a token of good faith the Professor has even hired your girlfriend Amy Hughes as one of the maids. You are in charge of the servants and security in the Hall. The overgrown estate is protected by the Fratelli Rossi based in the Stable Block. They are some very ruthless Italian political banditti whom Moriarty has helped escape justice. They call the Professor’s organisation the Mori Facile (Easy Death) which is how his contacts in Italy are known.  The Fratelli Rossi were an anarchist group, trying to overthrow the establishment in the Kingdom of Italy by terrorist attacks. Having made enemies of the Mafia as well as the authorities, they stole some art treasures. These were brought to England by the Silchester Line vessels for Professor Moriarty. Some of them now help furnish the Hall. They patrol the woods around the Hall and at night have a boy dressed as a headless Elizabethan ghost haunting the area. This ghost is supposed to have done for two poachers unwise enough to come trespassing. Anyone found trespassing in the hall is to be killed and dropped down the old well! If a force of the police too strong to wipe out should arrive, your orders are to escape with Lady Verdandi down the secret passage from the office. The entrance is a trap door under the carpet. This leads to the crypt under the ruined chapel in the wilderness, close to one of the woodland paths. Whist this path can be used to get east to Eridge which has the nearest railway station your orders are to take her to 2 Howards Row Lye Green to the west. Lady Verdandi is being hypnotised into becoming devoted to the Professor by a German Woman Frau Vermogen Seher. She sleeps in the Yellow bedroom. Lady Verdandi’s is guarded by Mrs Cressida Bermondsey who sleeps in a screened of bed in the lady’s bedroom. In addition the thugess Janice Grant sleeping in the Valet’s room whilst the Professor is away.    

*                      *                      *

You are wakened from a deep sleep by your partner Amy Hughes shaking you and shrieking! “Wake up Daff! She was here! Here in this room and you snoring like a bull bellowing! There at the end of the bed!”

 “Who was here? Make sense woman!”

 “Gwen of course, your old wife! I dursent move for fright till she went!”

 “Nonsense! She’s dead and buried! You’ve just had a nightmare!”

 “It weren’t no nightmare honest! She pointed at the pair of us and she said… she said the righteous ones is coming! You’ll both hang! She said!”

 “Nonsense it was more like that Edna playing a trick on you! You know you was mean to her. This’ll be her getting her own back!”

 “No Daff, it were the ghost of Gwen come to haunt us!”

 “Nonsense! There are no such things as ghosts! I’ll just go and have a word with Miss Edna! I’ll soon have the truth out of her!”

 “You can’t go like that tis not decent, especially in the women’s rooms!”

You responded that she was not so fussy back at Cricceagh but decided to get dressed. 

Amy and you shared the East Bedroom which had a fine double bed. It also had windows facing both East and South. Outside was a moonlit night but black patches amongst the stars indicated clouds moving Eastwards. Lighting your candle you discovered the time on your fine silver pocket watch showed twenty minutes to midnight. You proceeded along the upstairs corridor thinking about what to do about Edna. Edna Atkins had served a year in prison for her part in a blackmailing operation which went wrong. She had been set as a maid in the house to spy on the owner. Unfortunately when he committed suicide the operation was discovered and three of them tried and jailed. Her brother Lennie another of the Prof’s followers was in jail for burglary. He was an expert in discreet break in’s and valued for it. It was on his behalf that Edna was employed here, her last employer sacking her when she found out about her record. The problem was that Amy fancied herself as Housekeeper but was obviously too young and inexperienced. The Estate Agent Andrew Penistone refused to accept her as anything but First Housemaid. The much more experienced Edna resented this and there had been several clashes. Edna had been shot at by one of the Fratelli Rossi when black-berrying on the estate. Amy suggested that they need practise to make them better shots! The result of that was any organisation people had to wear a grey goose quill as a badge to protect them from the Fratelli. The Fratelli not being able to speak much English!

   At the end of the corridor you turned right through the green door into the Servants wing. The first door on the left was the maid’s bedroom and without ceremony you opened it and shone your candle into the room. One bed theoretically was Amy’s and another was occupied by the kitchen maid Dawn. About to start shouting you hesitated, the third bed belonging to Edna Atkins was empty! With some difficulty you shook awake Dawn. “Where is Edna?”

 “Dunno Sir, is she not here? Oh. Well she was here when we went to bed!”

This confirmed your suspicions that it was she who had played the trick on Amy. One worrying thing was that it seemed Edna must know something about you killing your wife! How if she was in league with some of the mentioned righteous ones plotting to get Amy and you taken! Dawn was sitting up staring at you blearily. “You go back to sleep! I’ll find the little wretch!” Dawn had to be up at half past five to light the fires. You then rousted out Jerome the footman and George the dog handler who sleeps in the Servants Hall. In theory his two dogs wander the hall and corridors at night on guard but they were asleep in front of the embers of the Great Hall fire. Assembling the two men with the dogs in the Great Hall you told them, “Edna Atkins is missing from her bed! I think she just played a spiteful trick on Amy and I and I want her found!”

The Footman Jerome then says “You are sure that she is not away betraying us to the Peelers? She served her time so she has little to lose!” Jerome is wanted for a murder in a bar room brawl and George for a large theft from the warehouse he was supposed to be guarding. A nasty suspicion so you say “The sooner we find her the sooner we can be sure! Make sure you all wear your feathers in case. We don’t want them Wops shooting at us!”

 “Speaking of shooting I thought I just heard two shots outside!” says George.

 “It’ll be Edna bringing the Peelers just you see!” mutters Jerome.

So it is up to you how to conduct your search. Outside is a moonlit night but there are occasional clouds. There is a light Westerly breeze. Quills seen at recognition.

In Moonlight sighting is 20” with possible recognition within 8”

In the dark sighting is 10” with possible recognition within 5”    

Dark Movement As normal on paved surfaces but D10 if running 0 trip Bst –3

Cross Country –1” running –2” but D10 1-trip Bst –2

Crops (BCC) –2” running –4” but D10 3- trip Bst -2

 New Rule

Cattle Grids walking men -1” women -2”. Running D6 3+ OK, 2 hurt -1” to all moves 1 -2” to all moves. 

Impassable to normal livestock. Stampeding beasts D6 +F Cows -1, sheep -2 Goats -2 Pigs -3 = 2+ OK 1 trapped D6 5+ to escape 0- stuck need help to be freed. {Planks needed to allow horse drawn vehicles to cross. These usually left beside Grid. Takes one man 3 rounds to emplace.

There are pairs of planks hidden near all the five Cattle Grids on the table

Daffyd Lea Ac +1, Mo 6”, Fa 3/2/2, Ag 0, Th 0, Me +1 pistol Bst –3 Gags & Cords

Revolver Firing 3” 4+ Pst 0, 6” 5+ Pst 0, 11” 6+ Pst 0, 18” 7+ Pst –2, 5 +5 rounds

Class IV Unsavoury, Charm M -1, F - 1, Coercion +1, MC £ 1 – 14 – 7d

Lamp, Speaks English & Welsh

Jerome Ac +1, Mo 6”, Fa 3/3/3, Ag +1, Th+1, Me +2 pistol Bst –3

Revolver Firing 3” 4+ Pst 0, 6” 5+ Pst 0, 11” 6+ Pst 0, 18” 7+ Pst –2, 5 +5 rounds

Class III Unsavoury, Charm M -1, F - 1, Coercion +1, MC £ 0 – 13 – 10d

Lamp, Speaks English

George WA, Mo 6”, Fa 3/3/3, Ag +1, Th 0, Me +2 cudgel Bst –2 Gags & Cords

Class III Unsavoury, Charm M -1, F - 1, Coercion +1, MC £ 0 – 0 – 7d

Candlestick matches & 2 spare candles. Controls Mastiffs to 12”

Can pick locks D10 6+ to pick each move, any 0 lock cannot be picked

Mastiffs FV 2, Mo 7”, Me –1 Pst –2 Fa 2/2, Ag +1

Amy WA -1, Mo 5”, Fa 2/2/2, Ag +1, Th 0, Me -2, hands Bst  -3, Charm M +2, F 0

Class III (II) Unsavoury MC £0 -0 -3d

Dawn By, Mo 5”, Fa 2/2/2, Ag +1, Th 0, Me -2, knife Pst  -2, Charm M +2, F 0

Class III (II) Dubious MC £0 -0s -0d Speaks English

Mrs Cressida Vle, Ac +1, Mo 4.5”, Fa 2/2/2, Ag -1, Th 0, Me -2, hands Bst –3,

Charm M +1, F +1 Coercion +1 Speaks English, French, Italian                  

Class V (IV) PI Dubious MC £6 – 9s – 0d

Janice WA+1, Mo 5.5”, Fa 2/2/2, Ag 0, Th +1, Me -1, Pistol Bst –3,

Revolver Firing 3” 4+ Pst 0, 6” 5+ Pst 0, 11” 6+ Pst 0, 18” 7+ Pst –2, 5 +5 rounds

Charm M -2, F -1 Coercion +1, Class III (II) Dubious MC £1 -4s -2d

Frau Seher Ac +1, Mo 4.5”, Fa 2/2/2, Ag -1, Th 0, Me -2, hands Bst –3,

Charm M +1, F +2 Hypnotic Powers D10 8+ to take control of one person.  

Class V (IV) PI Unsavoury MC £6 – 11 – 1d Speaks German, English, French                    

Lady Verdandi By, Mo 5”, Fa 1/2/2, Ag –2, Th –2, Me –2, hands–3,

Class VII, (VI) PI Respectable, Charm M +2, F +1, Coercion -2. Watch

Speaks French, German, fine Musician & singer MC £0-0s-8d

Edna By, Mo 5”, Fa 2/2/2, Ag +1, Th 0, Me -2, hands Bst  -3, Charm M +1, F 0

Class III (II) Dubious MC £0 -0s -4d Speaks English V Poor Italian.








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