The paradys lady

A Sherlock Holmes adventure

 A few weeks after the Limekilns Incident Scotald Yard's Inspector Hastings was notified  that Lady Verdandi had been kidnapped! It had happened one morning at a prestigious Bond Street gown makers. Shehad been accompanied by Miss Marigold Lees who had been hired by Sir Richard as a duenna, an older woman hired a kind of governess and companion. They had gone to the gown makers for the final fitting of a new ball gown for Lady Verdandi. Once they were in the shop a female felon had overcome Miss Marigold with a chloroform pad, whilst Lady Verdandi was in the dressing room. Then another female accomplice, this one armed with a pistol had ordered the staff into a back room and locked then in there. It is thought that Lady Verdandi herself was also overcome with chloroform and carried off in the modiste’s own delivery van. This was later found two miles away off Elgin Avenue in  Paddington.

Inspector Hastings lost no time in consulting with Sherlock Holmes.






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