late ww2 for Bolt Action

Our son decided recently, in his late 30s, to start wargaming again.  He started out using my figures then decided with a friend to field his own "armies" and to use Bolt Action rules with 28mm figures.  I made and painted his figures for him.

He decided upon creating platoons from my fictitious units.  The first ones I did are from the King's Own Strathspey Highlanders (KOSH).  One rifle platoon with reinforcements from Support Company in the form of an MMG team, a 3" mortar team and a half section of Assault pioneers

The German platoon from the 15th Pomegranat Grenadier Regiment

Support from an MMG, 8cm Mortar and artillery FOO.

Later on I added a sniper team

A second platoon

Company HQ characters - Major, Captain, Piper, Padre

And, of course, an RAF FAC team.  The chap on the right is modelled on my father with his Lanchester Carbine.  The officer is based on his description and also that in the book "Sixty-four Days of a Normandy Summer" by Keith Jones which covers at least one of my father's unit's actions.

The Germans received home made Panzerschreck and Flamethrower Teams

Another German platoon is under construction.

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