Binky and the Staring Skulls of sakati

The Sorcerer Zmellikarzi of the Werrardi tribe has risen against the King Izmiheya of Sakati and deposed him. 

The tribe is nominally lead by the aged and obese King Izmiheya.  However the real power rests with his daughter, by a concubine, Princess of the third rank Beidgrabba and her husband, the Sorcerer Zmellikarzi.  The other Princesses, the king has no sons to his eternal shame despite having 8 wives and 7 concubines, are either dead, prisoners or fled. It is likely that the King and many of his household are already dead. 

The Sorcerer’s forces are invincible to native arms.  He has mighty Juju in the fabled Staring Skulls that once adorned the Royal Palace in Sakati.  His very success has increased the Juju and he has increased the size of the kingdom at the expense of his neighbours.  The latest news is that he has instigated a victory ceremony into the state religion.  This festival he has called Whoppituppah and is going back to celebrate it in style and crown himself king.  Rumour has it that the existing king and his family will be the victims of a human sacrifice.  Without the skulls the Sorcerer will lose his Juju.

One of the King’s daughters, Gizzitoomi Princess of the Blood Royal, has arrived in Mariba to seek assistance in restoring the true monarchy.  The officials have sent for military assistance from Takatari.  Gizitoomi is impatient and is keen on recruiting her own force to sail along the lake coast to the swamp and then inland to the Werradi capital at Sakati.

The Princess has a few retainers and is seeking to recruit a force from the British to restore her father to the throne.  The main transport is the Dhow that the Princess escaped in.  The Princess Gizzitoomi is the eldest daughter of the Principal Wife, she was married but her husband died horribly in the coup led by Zmellikarzi.   She had her own body guard of warriors armed with a mix of tribal and personal weapons. 

The Captain of the Dhow “Joy of Allah” is Kofi n’Krim, a veteran warrior and reformed slave trader – at least he says he is.  The dhow has a small cannon and all of the crew are adept with rifles and scimitars.

The dhow is well stocked with supplies of food and freshwater as well as ammunition.  Allegedly it also has a significant war chest in the Princess’ cabin.

Binky, Gerald, Adrian and Piet discuss the expedition over dinner in Piet’s house.  The route takes them along the coast as far as the Riezpudden Swamp where they will need to cut inland and then on into the hills.  Piet has offered the use of the Zenobia but says that they will have to be prepared to make a fair bit of the journey on foot once they get to the swamp and beyond as the steamer will need to move back out to open water.  He suggests that they might be able to hire some canoes. 

The Werrardi capital is only a couple of days march inland from the swamp and this approach will be the most unexpected one.  The main force will be the overland one from Takatari that was going to deal with the Mad Mullah but has now been diverted to the restoration of the monarchy of the Werrardi. 

The Beluchis have indicated that they want to try out their new rifles on an enemy. 

The plan is to get the Princess into the capital about the same time as the main force marches up to it overland.

The first problem will be to pass through the swamp safely.  The Sqalliwaq tribes in that area were fishermen, or rather, pirates who had once been “loyal” to King Izmiheya and were probably now “loyal” to Zmellikarzi.  The Princess might be able to help the passage at this point.  Piet has traded in the area but never successfully with them. 

The party embarks on the little fleet, the Zenobia, the Joy of Allah and a couple of small boats.  The Princess did not find any suitable mercenaries and so was very pleased when the Binky, Gerald and Piet offered their services. 

Binky is ready to right the wrongs and stop the human sacrifice.  Gerald is interested in the jewellery that the Princess wears.  They have the look of Roman antiquities.  While Piet has heard from some of the bearers that the legendary Mbilini has been terrorising the lands bordering the Ofiroqi Mountains to the west of Sakati.

The adventure begins with the party entering the Riezpudden Swamp with their supplies.  That is enough to get them to Sakati with a day or so in reserve.  Binky wanted to take more but there were not enough bearers to carry it.  As it is they will need to be very careful what heavy equipment is being taken.

Typical Load


1 day rations for 5 men


1 day water for 5 men – essential in the swamp


Nordenfeldt – gun only


Nordenfeldt – ammunition


37mm Howitzer

2 or 3

37mm Ammunition – 10 rounds


Rocket tube, tripod


5 rockets


Camp kit & tentage for 2 men


Medical chest


Climbing gear (ropes, grapnels etc)


Rifle ammunition for 20 rifles


Box 24 sticks dynamite


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