Binky and the Staring Skulls of sakati

The City of the Skulls

Binky called a council of war.  With Gerald still suffering from the effects of being almost drowned he did not attend, Hassan was present in his place.  That left Binky slightly outnumbered by the more warlike and direct Adrian and Piet.  Though Piet, the newest member, had yet to be fully accepted into the decision making.  In a short discussion two main options were discussed Continue on the river to Sakati or travel cross country.

The advantages of the shorter, less used but more difficult overland route outweighed the river route.

Deciding on a quick march, they left the wounded (including Gerald), the supplies and boats behind they took only what they needed for a couple of days.  A contract with the local natives to carry the boats back up river was negotiated and rowers hired for the trip back to the swamp. 

Marching fast and light the party was only a few miles short of the town by nightfall. 

The town was easy to see in the darkness.  Great fires burned in the town as the festival of Whoppituppah got underway.  The river glowed in reflected fires and way off, over the river, another two sets of campfires showed the proximity of the main army of Zmellikarzi the Sorcerer King.

On a small rocky island in the river stands a ruin illuminated by a large fire.  The Princess identifies it as the Stones of the Ancient Ones, Hassan asks her what is there and she says a spring, a well, and a statue of a big Morvaloon Viper.  Hassan is of the opinion that this is the Fountain of Wat referred to in the courierís intercepted message.  Adrian reminds everyone that the Sorcerer did not get the message that the party was ahead of him and that the Triumphal Entry scheduled for tomorrow does not leave much time.

The Princess and her companion can act as guides in the town and over its defences.  Though she does not expect them to be particularly alert with all the beer and food that has been provided for the festival. 

A general view of Sakati

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