Smoke May Damage Your Health

Gerald sets off to the south west while the stronger party heads off northwest.  Just as he is settling down to a light lunch he hears the sounds of distant rifle and artillery fire.  Binky is in action!  He watches eagerly through his telescope but there is no sign of the distress signal rockets being fired.  After a while the firing dies down and he continues the march towards the smoke eating his interrupted lunch as he marches.  The men are in high sprits after eating. 

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After hearing the gunfire a couple of hours ago Gerald keeps his force tightly under control and in all round defence as they approach the smoke.
The village ahead is in ruins.  Several huts are burning,  Bodies of the men lie around the open spaces.  On a small mound behind the village stands an idol.

The huts are card, the palisades are twigs glued to card bases and the idol is from Monolith Darkest Africa range.

The flank protection discover an old camp with European cooking implements on the cold camp fire.
The fires begin to die out as Gerald's force closes in cautiously.  There are a few vultures around.  Not as many as might be expected.

The "cultivated strips" are cut up foam packing from blister packs of figures sprayed black then dry brushed in greens and yellows.  The "smoke" is sheep's wool collected from barbed wire fences when out on hill walks!

Strangely dressed people appear at the idol.  If Gerald did not know better he would say that he had stumbled upon Ancient Egyptians!  Reports from the rearguard tell him that some bowmen in strange dress are following them.
Who are you?  And what is your business in the lands of the White Queen?

These figures are all Foundry or conversions of Foundry figures except the captive - an Amazon Miniatures legends of Araby or slave I think..

A strange group appears but does not approach.  Is this the White Queen? asks Gerald.

Slightly converted Foundry figures.

A shrill blast on the horn and troops close in from all sides.  Spearmen from behind, archers all around and ... Suddenly the "dead" rise up from the ground and attack.  A desperate battle ensues.
Things are looking desperate!  Pressed in on all sides.  The modern firepower of the Askaris and the leaders tear holes in the advancing enemy.  Lucille Astique fires off her carbine in a desperate attempt to drive off the enemy.  Although the shots are not very effective the sheer volume of fire breaks the morale of the attackers and they flee!
Suddenly it is all over.  Where did they go? 
Hayder, the Askari Sergeant orders the porters to reform.  He congratulates the gun crew of the Nordenfelt on stopping the rear attack.  Gerald is amazed that even after all the fighting he has suffered no casualties.  That said he is disappointed that he has found no further evidence.  He is now sure that Professori Incontinente is correct in his theory of a surviving Egyptian influence here.

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