Balloons and Bullets

The raiders from Jizuz Noesware thought that they had made good their escape.  Laden with captives, loot and cattle they fled southwards confident that their lead was such that they were safe from pursuit.  The rearguard scanned followed the main party a few miles behind.  In the darkness just as the morning sun rose three glowing demons flew overhead.  Was this a premonition of disaster?  The rearguard hid from the demons, the shaman chanted and wove protective wards over them and the demons flew on.  Perhaps the Christian God had unleashed the Angels of Retribution that the missionary had called upon?

As the sun rose they scanned the horizon for signs of dust that would presage a rapid pursuit.  They could see dust afar off.  It was travelling slowly and would never overtake them.  The white The demons, too were gone.  The main party must be many miles ahead now.  It was time to march after them.  As they ate some of their dried meat and mealie biscuit they heard the sound of gunfire ahead.  How had the white men passed them?  Had they been borne ahead on the wings of the Demons?

Indeed they had.  After the raiders had been driven off from the mission station at Jizuz Noesware three balloons had arrived carrying Harry and some supplies.  Binky quickly accepted the offer to assist in the pursuit.  They could travel all night without fatigue but the balloons could not return them against the wind.  So Binky with a few companions flew off in pursuit and the main party followed on the ground at dawn. 

Extract from Binky's Journal

The arrival of Henry Jones by Pietro Pallone's balloon caused quite a stir amongst the natives.  Had it not been for the presence of the Pastor it is likely that they would either have considered him a god or demon.  Either of which might well have had unpredictable consequences.   He has reported that the finds have been safely consigned to London from Cairo.  Indeed things went swimmingly well for him.  He said that a gentleman who was from the Diogenes Corporation smoothed his way and seemed to know a lot about what was going on.  He presented Henry with a very smart and powerful pistol.  He also gave Henry an official looking letter for Gerald.

The king is delighted that we have chosen to rescue his people and (probably more importantly) his cattle.  A number of these are the incredibly valuable royal white cattle. Scouts reported that the attackers have split into three or four small parties in their escape.  At least 2 have cattle and slaves. 

After an early breakfast we will set off in the three balloons.  Each of these contrivances may carry up to 5 people on this trip. 

Not much can be carried on the balloons and they will not be able to bring us back to the starting place. 

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The raiders making their escape laden with captives, loot and cattle.

Most of the warrior figures are Copplestone N'Goni whilst the cattle and captives are figures from the Foundry Darkest Africa range and from Eureka.

After following the dust trail from dawn Binky and his party aboard the three "demons" appear in the distance and close in on the unsuspecting raiders.

The balloons are from McDonald's "My Little Pony" range of several years ago.  The flowers were carved off and any holes filled.  They were then painted.  They are supported on clear glass jars which made them quite stable and suited our purposes admirably. 

The raiders take fright and flee the oncoming demons.  As they flee the balloons close in firing on leaders and throwing dynamite to drive the herds in the desired direction.

Below are images from the action - click on each to enlarge it.

The pursuers close in. The raiders around the Royal cattle are dealt with. Brian (playing Gerald) contemplates how to drive the cattle in the desired direction. The balloons spread out to contain the movements of the raiders.
The view from above one of the balloons. Directing the herds with dynamite and gunfire. Gerald (blue & yellow) and Adrian (red & white) drive off the raiders. Binky brings his balloon down to eliminate the raiders driving off some captives.
Binky (purple & yellow - his family colours) lands to rescue the fleeing terrified captives. Binky lands and the captives see that he is not a demon. The other balloons deal with the last of the raiders, killing or driving them off. All three balloons land and the party unload their stores to await the arrival of the main party.

The balloonists, after making sure that Binky and his people were safe, flew on southwards on their aerial voyage of exploration. 

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