Having agreed to take care of the Demon Lions situation Binky and some of the party waste no time in marching with their escort of the White Queen's troops.  They are very conscious that the rains are due and want to be back in Lhedu before they start.  The party arrive at the village and are met by a delegation - What an honour - no one less than the Chief himself and his Great Wife who immediately invite the party to a feast.  At the feast will be the tribal hunters.

As the feast begins, the tribal chief describes the situation:

“The demons have been sent to punish the land.  They come in the form of lions.  At first they were of normal size but now they have taken so much life force that they are beyond normal size and beyond the laws of nature.  They are invisible and only their burning gold eyes are ever seen.   

We do not know why and we do not know which god or goddess we have offended.  It began almost 12 moons ago with the demons taking a few goats and sheep.  We tried to catch them with traps and snares.  But they knew where they were and avoided them often their trail would cross a trap without being captured or even causing the trap to spring.  We tried tethering a goat and surrounding it with hunters but the demons became invisible to the hunters and took the tethered goats.  A few moons ago they started killing cattle.  At first it was just any cattle but recently they have started killing the Royal white cattle.   

And now the demons are taking our people from inside the village.  Everyone is afraid to go out after dark.  They stay in their huts.  Offerings do not have any effect at all.  The witch doctor is at a loss as to what to do next.   

The demons come from the dark, they just appear, kill, and disappear.  Sometimes they leave tracks but only to lure the unwary into traps.  For none who follow the tracks return alive.” 


The witch doctor is most upset.  The strangers have come in to sort out the problem.  He had been called in after the local priests had failed.  Now it is clear that the White Queen thinks that he has failed and has sent a priest and some strangers.

To recover some of his credibility the witchdoctor will want to “bless” the weapons. At least this way he will be able to lay claim to some of the credit.  If he does add +1 to natives.  If not they get cursed.  The curse is:

“May the wings of the gods bring pain and suffering unto thee!”

“May all the serpents of the trees fall upon your head.”

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