The Beginning of the “Great Adventure” 10th September 1885

(This game was played using our “Splorers etc ..” Darkest Africa rules that can be found here.)

 The steamer arrived at the closest river point to the suspected location of the pyramid of the Pharaoh Nutt An Kmon and it will return in five days to take them back to Cairo.  Our heroes are:

The Honourable Bertram (Binky) Kinglsey-Crowne

Gerald Ridd Esquire

Capt Adrian    Ryce-Pepper

Cdr Caudchat RN (Retired)

 The Ambassador has provided a guide and information that the Evil Duke is also on his way to the site to secure the Book of Souls.  Whether or not the Book exists you must find out before the Duke gets there.  Whether the Book does what it says or is a myth does not really matter, the value of the item is immeasurable.    


The Book of Souls  

An extract from “Fabled Pharaohs” by Professor Canardlie-Beherd.

 The dynasty that ended with Pharaoh Nutt An Kmon had encouraged  the cult of Bast.   The Queens of Egypt particularly favoured this cult.  It was unusual in that it had no priests but only priestesses.  The successive High Priestesses were devoted to finding the secret of eternal youth so that the Queens would no longer need to die to be with their god husbands.  They could live forever in human form.  As much as anything else, the growing power of the Bast Cult led to the downfall of Nutt An Kmon. 

 The nobles of Egypt and the high priests resented the influence of the Cult of Bast.  When Queen Nefrdi Ditt took the High Priest of Horus as her lover the influence at court changed.  The eventual revolt and expulsion of Nutt An Kmon forced the Cult of Bast to go underground.  

 The High Priestesses continued their work for generations in secret until the Romans arrived.  As they fled before the Romans they hid their treasures the most important of which was the Book of Souls.  Because initiates had only seen this and then only those destined to succeed to the Office of High Priestess, information about it is scarce and what there is confusing.  What seems to be certain is that the book is contained in a silver jewel encrusted casket bearing the sign of Bast. 

 What is not clear is whether the book is in the Egyptian form of papyrus scrolls, the Greek style of parchment or the style used by the Phoenicians.  That is to say, beaten metal plates inscribed so that the characters can only be read in a certain light.  Whatever the truth no expeditions have discovered the slightest clue as to its whereabouts.

 The oral tradition has it that the Book of Souls shows the way to Eternal Youth.  The legend goes that the Pharaoh Nin Ur Tenn who founded the dynasty was a wizard and he came from the Standing Lake.  Later the priestesses of Bast received the knowledge from the book which “fell from the skies as Ra galloped past in his chariot”. 

 The Book of Souls disappeared during the Roman Invasion, as did the whole Cult of Bast.



















Our heroes have travelled inland for a day and camped overnight at a small deserted oasis.  There were signs of recent occupation and some bare footprints and camel tracks.  The only unusual item was a single broken cuff link with a family crest on it. 

 After a leisurely breakfast, over which our heroes conferred the camp is broken.  Taken just enough for a couple of days three set out leaving Cdr Chaudchat with the rear guard to protect the camp.  On the march Capt Ryce-Pepper takes up the right flank with the faithful Mahmud and his Askaris, Gerald Ridd on the left and Binky the centre.  All are aware of the threat from the Mahdists only eight months after the fall of Khartoum.

 As they advance towards the oasis Capt Ryce Pepper finds signs that some fighting has taken place: a discarded Remington rifle and other bits of equipment.  On the left baboons plague Gerald Ridd their incessant chattering annoys him.  Ever conscious that there might be enemy about he refuses to allow his Askaris to fire at them.  The bullets might be needed later.  How right he was. 

 Ramsden, Binky’s butler spots an object in some mimosa bushes.  A small party covers as Binky and his driver, Henry Jones, displaying great courage and not a little foolhardiness investigate.  He finds what he thought was a tribesman was in fact gilt statue of the “Protector”, a common enough sight in this region.  The natives call these “Protectors” because they are always found as if on sentry duty around ancient sites.

 Over on the left Gerald finds a deserted camp, rotting food and a case of papers in a language he does not recognise.  He has a bearer carry the case for later study.  Behind the camp is an overgrown statue of Horus and to its right an obelisk.  Binky stares at the pretty hieroglyphics but cannot read them.  Gerald rushes over and starts to read out the names of high priests and priestesses.  He is quite excited at the references to Bast.  Suddenly on the right firing breaks out.  Initially a few shots then a serious firefight develops.  Capt Ryce-Pepper has encountered hostiles in the fort.  He scribbles a note, gives it to Mahmud who races off to deliver it to Binky.

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