the Mediaeval Fantasy
World of

Morval Earth 


The Lost Victorian Colonies of MORVALISTAN

The Wild West

Broken Wheel County

The Inch High Club
1/76, 1/72 and 20mm Warriors
in action
The Pulp Islands of Morvalonesia Freedom for Morvalonga
Modern African Warlord Warfare

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UPDATED 11 September 2019

Also here you will find activities of a small band of dedicated role players, adventurers and wargamers, the rules we use, the games we play and the miniatures we use.

All original work is the copyright of Morval Earth, Movalistan,M orvalonesia and Morvalonga.

 That is to say John Mumford and Alan Hamilton.

Throughout the site you will find references to other individuals' or companies' Trade Marks, copyright items or ideas. 

Due credit and thanks is given to all of them here. 

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